Santee Savior frames for Hondas?

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Re: Santee Savior frames for Hondas?

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I thought that was what I said? ;^)

Anyway, I tend to go with FIIK more often :^)

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Re: Santee Savior frames for Hondas?

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Same combo in head sets mate.
Does not work or play well with others
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Re: Santee Savior frames for Hondas?

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I ran both the Amen Saviour (axle through middle of spring assembly) and the Santee softail (axle through plate behind spring assembly) for 10 years each. I had a Kawasaki 1013 kit on a Z-1 engine in the Amen, and a 1105 kit on a Z1000 engine in the Santee and ran them hard, with long front ends. The long wheelbase and rake helped with stability, but the backends did get 'squirrely', especially when leaned over in a corner and getting airborne over big frost heaves on Yukon highways, but I got used to it so was prepared.Just shift weight onto the forward controls and follow that front tire! They took the hard jolt out of the bummps and worked better with a passenger. I would grab either one of those frames again.
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