Meatballs Springer Front Ends

We supply quality replicas of classic Harley Davidson springers for your restoration, custom or chopper... Knuckleheads, Panheads, Shovels, Evos, Sportsters, XS650's etc Always in stock including all spare parts...
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MeatBalls Springers
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Meatballs Springer Front Ends

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Meatballs Springers

There never was and never will be another fork to compare with the good old Harley Springer for sheer good looks. No custom springer or hydraulic fork can approach, much less surpass the original Harley style springer.

The trouble is the factory hasn’t made them for decades and second hand genuine HD springers are only getting harder to find with prices for even the roughest front ends heading skyward! If you are lucky enough to find a genuine item chances are you will have to spend money on it to get it back to its former glory! As demand increases the short supply and crazy prices will only get worse. The goal here at Meat-Balls V-Twin & Custom Cycle Parts is to provide an affordable alternative for enthusiasts building Harley Davidson based choppers and bobbers here in Australia.

Many builders have also retro fitted these front ends to the likes of Triumphs and XS Yamahas.

Meatballs Springers and associated parts are made from quality materials by master engineers. The result is a very close replica of the factory HD items from back in the day.

Early Style - A quality reproduction of Harley Davidson’s springer forks as used on their big twins from 1936 to 1945 with Zero Offset (Otherwise known as “In Line” or “Zero Rake”) Forks have a 1 inch stem and are supplied with ¾ inch axle complete with chrome dome nuts.

Late Style - A quality reproduction of Harley Davidson’s springer forks as used on 1997 to 1999 FLSTS Heritage Springers with single left hand disc brake. 1 inch stem.

Our front ends are in stock here in Australia so there are no crazy overseas shipping costs and long waiting times. We also keep a full inventory of spare parts just in case you have the misfortune of damaging your Meat-Balls Springer front end.

We can ship the front ends anywhere in Australia at sensible prices with Couriers Please. They are really well packaged so you don’t have to worry about your new front end getting damaged while in transit.

Meat-Balls Replica Harley Davidson Springer Front Ends

Steve's Cone Shovel with stock FL length Meat-Balls Springer

George's 48 Sporty with Early Style 2 inch under Meat-Balls Springer
See how George fitted 1930s front end technology to his late model Sporty here: ... sportster/

Ted's Genny Shovel with 4inch over early style Meat-Balls Springer

Tony's 83 FLH running a late style Meat-Balls Springer.

Check out the individual components that come together to produce a quality Meat-Balls Springer here: ... -springer/
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