Willunga Swap Aug 2019

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Willunga Swap Aug 2019

Post by Prof » Sun Aug 18, 2019 9:26 pm

Despite the dire forecast, weather for Willunga Swap meet was cold and windy, but no rain until I left early to come home.

Getting up at 6am is not my favourite pastime, though once I get out to the workshop and see my chopper sitting ready to ride, my spirits pic up pretty quickly. Only a very short ride (2 miles) today, not enough to warm the motor, but gee, even that short bit brings a glint to my eye and a quickening of the heart rate.

Shovel is on blocks waiting for the completion of its new springer, which I have been doing bit by bit in my own time. Finally tried it for fit yesterday arvo. Still brake and guard mounts, top tree, headlight mount and final welding If it rides as well as it looks, I'll be a happy chappy...

... my diamond tank CB750 is my mode of transport this morning (I've been riding it for the past month and enjoying its 4 cylinder roar through 3.5" turnouts) and I get a kick out of the loud crackling as I drop back through the gears and roll into my usual space just inside the swap meet gate.

Quickly set up. As mentioned, it is ccccold and many stall holders have stayed away, so it doesn't take long to get around the swap meet. More roll in during the next hour, but even on a second run I only find an old pudding basing helmet and some chrome lifter covers for my HG wagon... massive spend up of $20. Could have bought a really nice set of old style HD panniers, but the $150 price tag was too rich for me. Sign on side of CB says "For Sale" and I have someone to follow up...

I was greeted by the many regulars, both stall holders and buyers. A couple of interesting chats about choppers, but nothing definite. This BSA and another smaller racing bike were brought as a display. Nice tidy bikes...

I persevered in the cold wild, but despite skivvy, vest, jacket, long underwear, jeans, flying boots and beanie I still froze and finally packed up around 9.15. CB ALWAYS starts first or second kick hot or cold, but with a bunch of people watching got embarrassed (or just plain ornery) and finally fired up after over a dozen kicks. Not happy Jan!. Never-the-less managed a reasonable exit emitting load throaty roar as I headed back up Binney Rd to home. Rolled her into the workshop. Unloaded club gear and purchases and as I went inside the house the rain came down. Hadn't even considered it might rain, but for some reason decided to 'pick up sticks' just in time. Thank the Big Fella up there I think. Crawled into bed and watched a movie, then after some lunch got to work up in the workshop til 6pm... and damned cold again. Tea cooked, dished done, this story complete and its off to bed for an early night. Still a good day despite the cold. Gawler Swap Meet next I think. Hopefully some more sun and more choppers to keep me company. Cheers all.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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