Late arvo ride with a mate...

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Late arvo ride with a mate...

Post by Prof » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:07 pm

Friends dropped in from Queensland yesterday for tea. I suggested Trevor and I go for a ride while it was being cooked. He got his kit from The Chopper Shed clothing section and opted for an open face rather than a screened helmet.. a bit of a mistake as it turned out.

Anyway, with him on the Shovel and me on the Diamond Tank Honda I have for sale, we headed off around 6pm, with 70 minutes up our sleeve. Took him up through The Tunnel which makes our load exhausts reverbrate very pleasingly and then down to Silver Sands beach ramp via a few back tracks...

I discovered something rather interesting when taking video and photos off the Honda. Really easy on the Shovel as she is a very stable shooting platform and runs straight as a die due of course to its 45 degree rake. The CB with only 39 degrees rake is no where near as stable and I found it difficult to get consistent shots...

Pulled up just off the ramp at Silver Sands and got a couple of pics of Trevor for his memories..


The tide was just going out and the sand was wet almost into the stones at the edge of the beach, so it was interesting riding in the wet sand. Above 2nd gear the back wheel would get quite squirrelly.

Blasting up the steep ramp and approach at Sellicks we headed along the top of the cliffs. View down towards Rapid Bay was with the low sun and yellow tints was pretty cool and Trev asked for a couple more pix. Seeing as he liked this, I led him back onto the main road and through the large sweeping bends toward Myponga. The rumbling Shovel then followed the roaring Honda up across the top of the hills to Myponga Dam. Another brief stop to take in the scenery and then we headed downwards to cross the dam wall. Got these shots...


Across the wall and up the other side and the sun was about to set. Never the less I swung right and a few miles further on pulled up so Trevor could take in the great view over Normanville and across the straight beyond which lays Kangaroo Island...

As we turned back it was now dark and here the lack of face covering made life difficult for Trevor. The wind was now quite cold and making his eyes water quite badly so he had to drop his speed right down to see where he was going. It was a very slow trip home with Trevor saying later that he could only keep on the road by steering between the white lines on each side. When we finally arrived home, our wives were fortunately more worried than annoyed as it was now long after tea time!

Our time was not helped by Trevor missing me turning in the dark twice as he was blinded by oncoming car lights. We ended up with some U turning on my part and chasing after the poor bloke at high speed. The final bit of fun came the second time he missed the turn and the shovel spluttered to a halt. I had made sure the small diamond tank of the Honda was full, but had not filled the shovel since my Sunday trip to the Strath swap meet. Of course he didn't know where the reserve tap was and with no torch or phone, just had to sit and wait till I found him again!

So some interesting, but cool stuff, and no doubt a ride we will both remember. What ever happens, it is always so good to be out there in the wind on a laid back chopper. Both of us agreed the ride was worth every bit...
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Re: Late arvo ride with a mate...

Post by El Skitzo » Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:01 am

Inspiring! 8)
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