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About Krank Engineering + Services Available

Post by Matt McLeod » Tue Dec 04, 2012 4:46 pm

About Krank Engineering
Krank Engineering was borne out of my desire to be playing in my shed with motorbikes all day long, not working for "the man".

I'm a mechanical engineer, and have worked in automotive and earthmoving for all my career up to now. I also was part owner of a machine shop in Ballarat a few years back but we went broke, which was pretty painful, but I learnt a lot about running a business.

Since I was a whipper snapper I've been tearing things apart and playing with mechanical and low voltage electrical stuff. Over the last few years I have amassed a fair collection of tooling with the intent of doing just about everything myself (except for boring engines...at the moment). And I like to help other people get their projects on the road. I'm not interested in trailer queens, its gotta be functional, and registrable.

So there is the abridged history of Krank Engineering. Its "Krank" with a "K" because "Crank" with a "C" was already taken!

Services Available
Mechanical design of components, including stress analysis via Finite Element methods (full disclosure, I subcontract this work to experts)
Liaison with your nominated engineering signatory (its cheaper for me to do it than have your signatory do analysis and other stuff)
Light fabrication (MIG and TIG)
Machining (turning and milling)
Custom wiring
Sheet metal work

I also make a few tools and fixtures if I am feeling too tight to buy them. Every little project helps you learn something new! I'll post threads on the interesting ones.

Pics of workshop equipment are here:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/krankengin ... 168114692/
Matt McLeod
Krank Engineering

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