Does your socket set get mixed up when you shake it?

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Does your socket set get mixed up when you shake it?

Post by psychomatt » Wed Nov 17, 2010 10:13 pm

I bought a socket set that came in a plastic office bag type thing which had some cheap foam in it that would stop the sockets from moving when closed.

After many hours of using the socket set as a soccer ball and getting sick of re-arranging them back to their selected positions i got rid of the el-cheapo foam and replaced it with my very own solution.


A rip off of the shamwow but preety much a shammy.

I folded it into the correct shape and closed my socket set. As it was much thicker then the previous el cheapo foam i found that i could use the box as a soccer ball and MY SOCKETS STAYED IN THEIR PLACE

thankyou sham-eze
--This can be done on any other boxed tool to prevent movement-----

your welcome

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