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Belt Drive thanks...

Posted: Wed May 23, 2012 9:39 pm
by Prof
Some months ago Tune'nChoppers supplied me with a 1.5" drive drive for my 81 shovel.
Here's a pic of it installed...

I have kept the chain case for the time being and vented it using some punched aluminium sheet, which looks pretty good I think.


The guys at T'nT were good to work with and the price they gave me was excellent. Delivery was prompt. Thanks folks.
Smoother and better pick up with no mechanical rattle from my compensating sprocket any more. Do get a bit of a whine that is noticable at under 80k, but can't be heard over that.

With recently installed twin points, bike fires first kick hot or cold, so starter motor etc will soon be dispensed with. However, I do want to get a starter system that runs off the crankshaft when some cash comes available, as I had a badly broken knee some years ago that does complain after a day in town and twenty kick starts!