Lifan 200cc questions?

I have asked Choppaweeza provide advice based on his business experience in this forum. There are a variety of ways of avoiding Australian regulations... please don't expect him to give advice in those areas.
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Lifan 200cc questions?

Post by Pushie Pirate » Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:37 pm

Not sure if this is the correct section but it says advice so will whack it here!

Looking at a replacement engine and have found these Lifan 200cc jobs, copy of
the Honda 125 to 185 single cylinder OHV 4 stroke. By the looks of the research
I have done on the net they look pretty good only thing that looks like an issue is
buying them in Oz. I can only find them for sale out of the states. You would think
you should be able to get them out of Asia or better still in Australia.

Hoping someone may be able to give me a report on how they go and where you
can buy them in Australia or close by? Or would I be better off finding an okay
Honda 185 and using it's engine?

Below Link to one on ebay. ... 9889081923

Thanks folks........

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