I have asked Choppaweeza provide advice based on his business experience in this forum. There are a variety of ways of avoiding Australian regulations... please don't expect him to give advice in those areas.
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Post by chopaweeza » Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:57 pm

Oi . Many of you know me so i'll keep it brief . These days I run a Motorcycle & Parts Importation Business in Sydney . With the dollar doing so well more people then ever want to import Bikes and Parts from the USA . So companies in this industry including mine are pretty busy but I don;t mind giving advice to help out within reason . This is what i do for a living and unlike some bloke from the pub I actually know exactly whats what when it comes to bringing vehicles in from the USA .

Most of your questions can be answered by reading one article . Yes , I wrote it and it's been picked apart by the industry so the information is good . is the link .

So , heres the simple rules .

No bad mouthing any business in the industry - Forums registered in Australia are bound by the Libel Laws and the last thing anyone needs is a problem .

Read the article before asking any questions .

Never ask about fees or charges relating to my business or any other Importation Service . If you have an enquiry like that take it offline .

Keep it on topic . If you have a problem then take it off forum .
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