FORUM GUIDELINES, plus how to post pics and Utube videos...

All forum members please read before posting...

FORUM GUIDELINES, plus how to post pics and Utube videos...

Postby Prof » Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:12 pm

Choppers Australia website and forums are operated free to users as a service to the chopper community. is separate to Choppers Australia network. You do not have to be a member of Choppers Australia to be a member of these forums.

In simple terms... CA forums are G rated (no swearing or sexual innuendos), only positive comments, no brand bashing...

The purpose of Choppers Australia website and forums is to..

1. provide information to help build, maintain, ride or just research choppers and covers styles from their bobtail beginnings in the late forties through to the present day long bikes. The reason there are a wide range of forum topics is to help you find information as quickly as possible.

2. provide a contact point that enables Australian chopper enthusiasts to share information, their enthusiasm and in many cases to be able to meet up ride choppers together. As a result of the cameraderie that has built up on these forums and in Choppers Australia network many threads include a fair amount of general banter. As admins have time, older posts are 'cleaned up' to retain their information.

3. To encourage people, young and old, male and female to build and ride choppers.

Also... welcomes any make and size of chopper and recognises and accepts the riders' individuality as expressed in their two wheeled creation. is G rated to provide a place where choppers can be enjoyed by both sexes and all ages without being confronted by bad language, inappropriate sexual references or putdowns of other posters or their creations.

c.Please keep your comments contructive. Discussing the pros and cons of various bikes or modifications etc in a logical and informative fashion is fine. Members often post photos of their projects. Appreciate their time and effort. If you don't like it, unless there is an obvious design fault etc and you may be better to say nothing.

d.If you recognise bad workmanship or dangerous practices you are encouraged to comment as long as it is in a constructive manner. Often more can be said in a private message than a post.

e.Straight out criticism(ie without reasons contructively given of bikes, modifications or people is not allowed on these forums.

f. Please avoid "brand bashing" whether in jest or otherwise as your post is likely to be deleted.

g.As with most other forums, our admins have no obligations to discuss any decision to remove unacceptable posts... although we do in a first instance usually endeavour to remind a poster of their obligations and we will often attempt to edit a post rather than remove it. Unlike most forums who immediately ban members who make unacceptable posts, we do this only as a last resort.

h.If you think someone has posted something criticising you or unacceptable in any other way, please contact them privately to clarify thier intention, before taking it any further. If you are dissatisfied with their response, contact an admin. Likewise, if you are unhappy with an admin decision, contact them in private.

i.Information and advice given on these forums is to be recognised as such. Do your own research and make your own decisions. Choppers Australia administrators and posters do their best to provide accurate information, but will not be held responsible for anything you might choose to do. YOU are responsible for your decisions no matter whose advice you have listened to.

j.Forum members are reminded that in accepting membership of these forums, you have already agreed to abide by our forum rules. If you follow the spirit of what has been said so far, you should have no problems. If you want things spelt out in more detail you can go to the link below...

Click on this link for forum guidelines and rules, if you are unsure of any of the above...
Please note that most of these rules have been copied at our members request from other major forums with modifications to suit our particular situation...
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Re: FORUM GUIDELINES, plus how to post pics and Utube videos

Postby Prof » Sat Oct 06, 2012 10:56 pm

Posting a YouTube video can now be done within a post (embeded) by simply pasting in the YouTube video ID from a YouTube video's URL.

Just paste in the jumble of characters that comes after the v= in the URL of the Long Link in the 'Share' box.
Once that ID is pasted into your post highlight it and click the 'youtube' buttong in the post topic screen.

So as an example if I want to embed the following video in a post:
you would just paste in the part after the v=, so just this part...

Then highlight it and click the youtube button, which will then make it look like this...

Code: Select all

Which will then display as so...

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