O My G the Hume is boring

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O My G the Hume is boring

Post by Cromag » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:41 am

Just got back from a bit of a holiday with the family, went down to Eden across eastern Vic up the Black Spur onto the highway at Wangarrata up to Wagga Wagga and back home on seasame street (the Hume)

Bits i thoroughly enjoyed were from Batemans Bay South, above that is a pretty good run, but had lots of holiday makers, south of BBay the roads were less populated, smooth and fast, the countryside was pleasant and the people hospitable.

Eden to Melbourne, didnt get a lot of chance to stop but it was a hell of a long drive, i am not enthuisiastic about doing that again.

Pakenham to Whitfield-Wangarratta (The black Spur) Heavan....this road has it all, Ill never ride that part of the hume again, and despite pakenham being my starting point there were plenty of opprtunities to get of and return to the freeway north of Melbourne and linking up with the Western ring road. Took roughly the same amount of time, but more opportunity to stop and fill up as well as a more civilised pace. (more bikes than cars on the day i drove it)

I went out to visit around Melton/Baccus Marsh and went through the city, its much easier than it was 10 years ago, and i still remeber a lot of short cuts i used to take down to Werribee/Geelong etc

Wangarratta to Wagga Wagga what a drag, id do it if i had to but only to get to some back roads.

Wagga Wagga to home on the Hume, blah blah blah, nothin nice to say so i wont. I must not however that i am familiar with some backroads to bring us out around Gundigai from an inland Northern route, (not as far as the newell hway but from the Bathurst side).

Anyway it was a great trip, I hadnt done a bit of it before and will return to enjoy The Black Spur again.

Now then, the trip north can be a bit of a practice run for camping and travelling with you rag tag bunch....See ya on the Road.

oh yeah only pic i took was of the VT250 in Elisabeth street near Peter Stevens, its achopped back grouse little number, I had to read the VIN to figure out what it was...as soon as i figure out how to get the pic off my phone ill post it.

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The Hume

Post by 78gold » Tue Jan 06, 2009 1:42 pm

Glad to hear you had a good time,
We are off to Melbourne for a wedding on thursday and I will most probably go straight down the expressway and take fastest route to Melbourne. Got a lot on.
Tattooist on Friday,
Bucks night on Sat night,
Mon/Tue/Wed however will be accross in Yarra Valley, definately not riding from Winery to Winery but hope to get to about 14 of em over the 3 days.
Friday Wedding then head back to Syd on Saturday/Sunday.
I may take a few inland jounts on way back.
Anyone with ideas for different route home?????
78 Gold

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Post by pommychopper » Tue Jan 06, 2009 6:23 pm

You mean to say you've had some time off??
Surely not!! :shock:

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Post by Cromag » Wed Jan 07, 2009 8:17 am

Iam currently between jobs.....finished uni so lookin for a job as a teacher and i went to the relief list at my job, so i could finish uni withpout visitin the bell tower so now its plenty of time.....no money.....instead of the other way round.

Also did as hot lap of Tassie mid december....

planning on reconnecting with my motorcycle side in 09.....(my new year resoloution)

See ya on the road!

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