Circumventing the RidikulusRool...

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Circumventing the RidikulusRool...

Post by Prof » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:47 pm

Peter's newly purchased machine originates from interstate and therefore needs a number check to be registered in SA.

They will check for general adherance to SA Road Rules (can't call it roadworthiness!!!) and the front end looks to be out past our nanny state's Ridikulus550Rool. A phone call and he cruises over so we can do an accurate check and come up with a solution.

RR states that distance from centre of steering head to axle centre on a horizontal plane must not exceed 550mm. Way to check this is to use a set square and ruler to find steering head centre. Then measure across to the axle.

Hmm! 75mm too much. Axle needs to be back to the end of the aluminium ruler. Headstem bearing cups with an inbuilt 3 degree rake are available for most HD's. So question is; can we put them in backwards and bring the axle back 75mm?

We set up a piece of 1/2" square tube at minus 3 degrees using a large protractor...

Move second square along to where the axle will now be and it should be within a few mm either way...

Peter will come back in a few weeks and we will give it a go, as I have the correct 3 degree cups in stock. To suit HD's without removable bearing cups the 3 degree jobbies come with a longer head stem which we will need to modify to suit the custom triple trees that come with this chopper.

If we are still 5 or so mils to far out we will shorten the spring spacers which will pull the wheel back. Don't have a lot of ground clearance, but should be sufficient. Time will tell.

One his way over Peter hit a nasty dip/hole in the tarmac and was still hurting (the air shockers leak so no rear suspension until they are replaced). To get him home more comfortably, we pulled the covering off the rear of the seat and added some new foam where the old stuff had collapsed. Gave him a call when he arrived and he said it was far more comfy. See you in a month mate.
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Re: Circumventing the RidikulusRool...

Post by El Skitzo » Thu Jun 27, 2019 9:47 am

Hmmmm, good luck...
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