Google, mega internet controller...

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Google, mega internet controller...

Post by Prof » Fri Aug 18, 2017 9:52 am

This came through this morningl...

It comes from a creation organisation I have been involved with over the years, but their concerns about total control of internet content, just like the VLAD laws should should concern us all because it is about freedom of speech and information part of the many freedoms we have valued in Western society...

As no doubt all who read this article are already aware, Google is the world’s largest and most successful internet conglomerate, built originally around a web-search tool. After succeeding in producing the most-used search engine for the internet, Google has continued to expand into more and more areas. Google is now a powerful monopoly, controlling massive shares of all the internet’s most-used and most important features. For example, here are some of the latest figures I found for Google’s market share:

Desktop Computer Internet Searches: 79.88%1
Webmail Email: 60% (#2 overall in email clients second to Apple iPhone)2
YouTube (owned by Google): 78.8%3

It is well-documented that Google, as an organization, is just about as agenda-driven as they come.
When you stop to consider what most people use the internet for, you will notice that Google has a massive share in all three of the top internet features: searching, emailing, and watching videos. In fact, Google controls over three-fourths of both searches and videos, and is second only to Apple in terms of the number of people using their email services. What this all means is that whatever policies Google decides to adopt basically govern the entire direction of the world online. This is a massive amount of power to be wielded by any one organization!

Bias, Search Result Tampering

You might think that such a powerful and far-reaching organization would strive to be philosophically and religiously neutral, given the highly diverse audience they serve. Sadly, this is far from being the case. It is well-documented that Google, as an organization, is just about as agenda-driven as they come.4 Famous communist dictator Joseph Stalin made a lucid observation about human nature: “Whoever occupies a territory also imposes on it his own social system. Everyone imposes his own system as far as his army can reach.”5 It is wholly naive to think that an organization with a clear agenda would not utilize the power they possess to advance the interests of that agenda. In 2016, this manifested with allegations that Google had been actively tampering with its search results.6

Tensions Rising

Most recently, Google has made headlines by firing one of their own engineers, James Damore, for posting an internal memo questioning the company’s ‘party line’ concerning feminism and workplace sexual diversity. He had the audacity to suggest that there might be real biological differences between men and women!7 Damore has since stated that Google functions like a cult: “For many, including myself, working at Google is a major part of their identity, almost like a cult with its own leaders and saints, all believed to righteously uphold the sacred motto of ‘Don’t be evil.’”8

This amounts to an open admission of censorship by Google in their search results algorithms!

The Creation Connection
As biblical creationists, all this should be deeply troubling. Our position (denying Darwinism and believing the Bible) is one that the mainstream establishment considers to be ‘fringe’ and ‘extremist’.

Note the language used on Google’s own blog concerning the recent changes to their search algorithms:

Ranking changes: "We combine hundreds of signals to determine which results we show for a given query—from the freshness of the content, to the number of times your search queries appear on the page. We’ve adjusted our signals to help surface more authoritative pages and demote low-quality content, so that issues similar to the Holocaust denial results that we saw back in December are less likely to appear."

This amounts to an open admission of censorship by Google in their search results algorithms! How, exactly, will it be determined which websites are “authoritative” and which sites are “low-quality”? Would they, for example, consider creationist sites like our own to be “low-quality”? I think they almost certainly would. This means we can no longer depend on people being able to search for our articles through the world’s most-used search engine.

Prof's comment here... also apply this to online comments and pages re freedom of speech, information, right to self defence, immigration about which all of us bikers (we are considered 'fringe' and 'extremist' have strong opinions and want to be heard. So you want any site not 'politically correct' shut down!
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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