1. Getting started...

A blow by blow photographic account of chopping from stock to chop... This projcet has been given its own forum due to the large number of photos it contains making uploading slow for those of you still on "dial up".
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1. Getting started...

Post by Prof » Mon Nov 06, 2006 9:59 am

Michael's 83 Sportster
Michael's down from the Gold Coast and we are going flat out chopping his iron head Sportster. His car needs major repairs, but he reckons Queensland is chopper country, so the Sporty is getting the attention.

As well as wanting the unique chopper style and upright stance, choppers are built to suit their owner's riding requirements... For example...
1. It will fit like a glove,
2. A rider who will takes his chopper out once a week for a short cruise will most likely sacrifice comfort and convenience for style. Thinner (perhaps unsprung seat), rigid frame, higher bars, smaller tank etc.
3. A lot of long distance work will usually mean larger more comfortable seat, more natural riding position, larger tank, rear suspension or well sprung seat. Touring and camping will usually also mean a substantial sissy bar and some sort of mounting for panniers,
4. Carrying a passenger will determine seat and suspension requirements,
5. Daily commuting may mean a shorter front end although in Oz the length of front end and rake you can get away without getting busted is still fine for city traffic anyway.

Michael will be commuting, and doing longer trips and carries some fancy camera gear, so he wants to retain suspension, a mild rake, comfy bars and a king/queen seat. He also wants a high sissy bar with brackets to mount a lockable hard camera gear case...

The rest of the bike will get a mild chop (he's ridden choppers before and knows the benefits of long wheel base, rake and upright riding position)... 4" overs initially as he has not done a lot of recent riding, lowered and raked, forward controls, pullbacks, new head light, rewiring, tidy up and paint... Motor also needs new big end.

Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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