Starting a 66 Shovel project

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Re: Starting a 66 Shovel project

Post by KeithinSB » Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:08 am

Ol Fart wrote:Hi Keith, looks like a great project you have ahead for yourself mate.
Hows the new place?
How's Tiffo?
Do you have a useful supply of Vegemite where you are now?
I've entered the Honda in the first Oil Stained Brain show in November, talk about incentive......

G'day Olly,
We been flat out with the moving and trying to work and unpacking.....
It seems like I have not had a free minute to go for a ride or work on projects in the last forever.....
I just got the Internet turned on out here a couple weeks ago so we don't have to go to a wifi spot to check email and such.
The new place rules! Bigger house and twice as big barn/shed and on 105 acres.
No matter where I stand in the fenced yard(6 acres), I can't see another neighbors house.
I really like it out here!
Tiffo is doing good and my standard service charge for mailing parts to Oz that the parts supplier's wont is a jar of Vegemite, So it seems that about the time we run low, someone needs something.
I'm stoked you got the 750/4 rolling!
I'm going to look for some pictures right now!
Ride it like you can fix it.

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