16" straight swap rear wheels for Kwaka's

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16" straight swap rear wheels for Kwaka's

Post by chopaweeza » Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:15 pm

These fall into 2 main catagories and 2 sub catagories. These are Under 550 and the 650 & over . Subs are wire or mag.

650 & Over
In straight swap wire wheels there is only 2 options. The Z650CSR and some Z750B(the twin) models. The CSR is a drum that bolts up and is a simple conversion for even disc models. The Z750B came out with a 16" rear wheel option but these are scarce. The CSR was a very limited import USA only model but some made it here.
In the mag wheels it's super easy. Get a rear for a Z650D(Also called the Z650SR) and these are a straight swap over for most chain drive over 650 models up to about 1990. The earlier types (76-79') used the earlier type disc & caliper and the later type(80-84) used the perimeter disc & single piston slider. The 4 cylinder LTD's have the same rear wheel as the Z650SR as well. It's usually best to buy the brake assembly as well. These will bolt straight into Z1000A, Z1000J, GPZ550/750/900/1000/1100 , Z750 E or L , Z1100 and Z650 models. Some mods will be needed for drum brake models including welding 4 tabs but it is pretty straight forward.

550 & Under
There are numerous choices. For mags the Z250LTD, Z400LTD and Z440 LTD in mag and wire(rare but they do exist) are a staright bolt on for most except the Unitrak GPZ550 models. These however are only drum and if you want a disc use a Z650SR or Z750LTD and space you front sprocket out(I think 10mm but don't take my word-measure it).

There are many other options but these are the simplest. I'll write another couple of pieces on Suzuki wheel swaps and more on Kwaka's later.


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