The Chopper Spirit

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The Chopper Spirit

Post by Prof » Fri Jul 06, 2012 9:27 pm

Just wanted to say a few encouraging things...


I had a rep (car parts supplier; from whom I get all my Narva electical bits) roll up to The Chopper Shed today.

Quite amazing... he looked around and was totally 'blown away' (his words). Said that this was how choppers should be made... in a shed, from bits and pieces from all over the place. He was quite excited about the variety of choppers being built... not big inch HD clone motored billets, but all sorts of sizes and makes. He rides a sports bike, but reckons his wife wants to come with him, but hates trying to stay on the back. After trying out a couple of the bikes in the workshop, he agreed to come back and take his wife out for a ride on my shovel. He said he's given up on foxtel bike shows as they are all the same, nothing unique or homebuilt. He really couldn't stop talking about how great it was to see that old school/classic choppers were still being built. He saw Easy Rider when he was young and "has never been the same since".

Was all very encouraging.


It was a confirmation to what Choppers Australia is all about... blokes putting themselves into their bikes, building choppers in the shed, each one individual.

I was actually enthused to start this thread yesterday after being on the phone to a new applicant for CA membership. He loved everything about what we stand for... no committees, no attitude, encouragement to build and ride whatever size and brand you like...organising rides with other members without having to go through the "correct" channels, builders helping each other etc etc...his final comment was... it's just what I wanted, a network of mates.


Eight years ago I was told that Choppers Australia wouldn't work... and have been told a few times since that it was falling apart... but CA ( and no we are not perfect!) is still helping and enthusing people to build their own choppers. Those of you building and then riding the stuffing out of your choppers are a big part of why guys get excited about Choppers Australia... and my thanks to our coordinators who fit in what they can...

And the forums are another BIG part of our success and those of you who give freely of your time asking questions, posting phoptos and especially those of you posting answers to questions are THE REASON for the forums' success to date.

As a result of yesterday's membership application phone call, I went to my computer to see just what is on the net for chopper enthusiasts and there is nothing that I could find that presents and helps guys like we do. This chopper network we call Choppers Australia is unique in the world of choppers and I think we can all be proud of what we are a part of. Thanks to all of you...

Long live the home built chopper and keep up the good work guys...


Build that chop...

Be it long and lean or low and mean,
High in the head or low instead,
Rigid, swing arm, or plunger heel...
Anything to give that chopper feel.

Stretch and rake just oozes class.
Chrome, alloy, classy paint job, what a blast.
Harley, Italian, Jap or Brit,
When it’s fully chopped it’ll fit.

Planned in the kitchen, built in the shed,
You spin your spanners, while your lady’s abed.
It’s a part of you, not some mega-buck clone.
Your chop is best ‘cos it’s built at home.

A stocker? No way! That ain’t cool...
It’s over real chops that the chickies drool.
So you build your chop though it’s not all fun.
You sweat and swear ‘til you get it done.

Finished! Your baby's a beaut and tracks real sweet
Roar of exhaust and stretched out feet,
Riding your chopper come what may,
Wind in your face; you're a King for the day…

Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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Re: The Chopper Spirit

Post by Scouser » Sat Jul 07, 2012 10:29 am

I think that bottom pic of Indian Larry says it all.

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