Introduce yourself... area where you live, your bike or bike plans, kind of riding you like to do, a bit of your biking of history, interests, family etc


Postby Hottentot61 » Wed May 24, 2017 8:50 pm

Evening one and all I thought I would let everyone know that I do leatherwork so if anyone's in need of:- toolbags,belts or most things bike related please get in touch. I'm going to try and get some toolbags together for sale and put them in the shed with Andrew. In the meantime Andrew took a photo of my toollbag that I had just finished and put on my bobber so have a look at my work and see if you like it. I can stitch (by hand)or lace the choice is yours. Get in touch with Andrew and he can give you my no. Cheers Col.
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