Pin hole in fuel tank..... a quick fix

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Pin hole in fuel tank..... a quick fix

Post by SimonJ18 » Mon Nov 27, 2006 2:23 pm

My mind was thinking back to automotive engineering trade school and i remebered this trick i learnt from my lecturer.... A student's car was so low that his fuel tank scraped over the speed hump in the main carpark, one day it developed a small pinhole and leaked fuel, My lecturer grabbed a bar of soap from the toilets and rubbed the cake into the pinhole, the soap "grated" thru the hole and blocked it, the fuel wont disolve the soap like water will and should be a good fix!! this lasted well over 6 months on the vehicle's tank and it didnt leak a drop... should work for bikes also... so if your on the road and have a leak keep it in mind.

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