2018 Balhannah Swap Meet...

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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2018 Balhannah Swap Meet...

Post by Prof » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:08 pm

We always have a Choppers Australia stall at the Balhanah motorcycle only swap meet. I also attend swap meets to see what I can find for future customers. Business wise it is not profitable, but does mean that blokes can get some hard to find chopper parts they would not otherwise know about.

I decided for a bit of a change, and because I can't make it to Bendigo Chopper Fest this weekend that I would camp the night. Which reminds me, I need to dry out my sleeping bag!

Anyway, I had my gear packed ready to go Friday night; just had to pick up the week's groceries in the morning and then chuck the gear on the bike. Reason I don't camp out at swap meets more often is the extra gear I have to carry which makes bringing home larger purchases more difficult.

Saturday was quite mild and Sunday promised to be 25 C so looked like a good option. Very pleasant riding after leaving home at 5pm to give me half an hour before dark to set up and eat. My shovel was well loaded with both my camping gear and display table, flags, literature etc, so I took the corners a bit easier and made sure I had a bit more braking space.. Arrived in good time and set up tent and display table. There were about 30 other stalls already in place and only one space left on the outer circle...

Then some tea. Bloke next door in his big 4x4 camper had all good gear; fold out cooker, sink seat and table etc and pointed out to me as he was cooking up a very nice aroma'd meal that he couldn't remember when he'd last eaten cold out of cans!...

Very mild night and I had to shed clothing as I heated up in the sleeping bag. Woke up at midnight to the pitter patter of rain and crawled outside to cover a couple of things.

Finally forced myself to get up as the place lit up dully due to the heavy overcast. Did a bit of a tour of the other stalls and then got down to breakfast followed by setting our display. Terry and Wayne rolled up soon after 7am complaining of the cold... well Terry wasn't even wearing gloves! I would have been frozen! Ken rolled in an hour or so later and sometime after that Kevin and Jim walked by... so we ended up with three choppers displayed; Ken's newly built shovel, my shovel and Terry's XS...

I found only one thing to buy; a 36 spoke yamaha twin leader hub. Wayne bought a small tool roll and Terry picked a small item. Very disappointing lot for sale and lot of rusty junk plus the usual vintage and veteran stalls. Probably 20 bikes for sale including these two KZ400's I would have liked to buy for the learner customers I regularly get to my workshop. At $1700 for both one of which they'd started up earlier too much for my current wallet...

A lot of interest in our chopper's and Ken did a good job of presenting CA... possibly got one new member.

By 11 am all was slowing down, so Wayne and Terry and Ken took off north the long way home and I packed up and headed south with Kevin, Jim and another bloke whose name I did not catch. Had a very cruisy ride home following Kevin until Meadows where I moved to the front and thoroughly enjoyed pushing the the curves into Kangarilla.

Then home alone stopping by Chris at Willunga to deliver a package or CA merchandise from Ken. He's grounded at the moment needing a new drive bearing which means splitting the cases of his cruiser. Not a happy chappy. Rode in our gate on hour later. Very satisfying to have at least had one night outdoors, riding home in short sleeves due to the warm weather the topping on the cake. Once again, the pure joy of a big thumping V twin beneath me, tucked in behind high bars and bag in front,the trees and houses whipping past to the ragged thump of my good old shovel donk...
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