Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Post by Prof » Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:46 pm

Midnight ride coming up this Wednesday night and I've told Rob to bring down his riding gear so he can meet some of our blokes. He's coming to help me with renovations this week, but I reckon the opportunity of a ride in clear weather is too good to miss. However Rob needs two wheels for the night. A diamond tanked CB750 I will shortly have up for sale is near enough finished to fit the bill. I've been doing tidy up jobs and adjustments on it over the last few days and it has also just come back from the dyno.

Not a smart idea to take it out for a few hours at night without getting up a few k's on it first, so tonight after tea I took to the saddle fired her up and took off into the rather cold night. This chopper is totally different to my shovel; light, higher seat, different steering... and of course the engine more of a ripping roaring sound rather than a throaty rumble as I accelerate down the road. Man it IS cold especially with out the protection of the poor man's fairing and small windscreen on shovel.

First job is to fill up the small diamond tank at Mclaren Vale. A young bloke is waiting at the door when I arrive and is still standing there when I have finished the fill up. Finally we are let in, pay up, get my receipt and then back on the chopper.

Haven't worked out where to go so take one road at a time. I want to be on the bike for at least 40 minutes as I am a bit concerned about the charging system and need to see if the battery will charge up or end up flat with running lights etc. I have a spare fully charged battery strapped to the sissy bar just in case! Turns out I get back home without any dramas.

Other concern is the rear brake which I suspect may be dragging a little, so a check on its temperature after some miles will tell me.

End up heading down the Expressway and then turn off to Christies. Be good to get a few pics for you folks so decide to cruise along the esplanade and see if I can get a good shot under a street light with city lights/beach in the background. Nothing much, so end up pulling up at the Moana ramp. Take half a dozen pics; bit hard to see in the dark but some reasonable (for my poor little camera) shots once edited...



Very quiet, can hardly hear the waves, so after enjoying the solitude for a short while, fire up the Honda and churn through the soft sand back onto the ramp... Doesn't have the tight turning circle of my shovel!

Well where to now? What the heck, I'll cruise through to Aldinga and grab a hot chocolate at the OTR.

Sit enjoying the hot drink while checking out the righteous black chopper through the window.

Back out into the cold. Put on my helmet. Brrrr! Freezing on my bald pate. If you blokes still have hair on your heads, be grateful! Gloves on. Slide onto the chopper. Petrol on. Switch on. Hit the starter. The ragged roar makes a passer by jump! Sorry ma'am.

Of we go once again. Sweep around the big new roundabout scraping my right heel, straighten up, a left turn and we are bouncing up the road back to Willunga and home. Now in Willunga and like the rest of suburbia I have been through tonight nothing stirs, but I wind the chopper out through the gears. That should scare any stray cats anyway!

Pull into our place, spin the back wheel in the gravel on our ashfelt drive. Tee hee! Pull up at the workshop door which Rilda has kindly closed and switch off. Open the door and push the machine in. Man is this easy compared with my shovel! Off with my gear. Cold hits my head as I remove the now warm helmet and reach for my beanie tucked into my jacket. Lock up and walk through the cold into welcoming warmth and a kiss from my wife.

Great ride even if it was a short one. Alternator is charging, but rear brake is definitely dragging, so after bending some bars for a customer and cutting a pile of wood for our fire , I'll see what I can do. Also need to loosen off the steering head bearings a little as the chopper has that weavy feeling at low speed. Then should be all ready for Rob on Wednesday night.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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