Coffin on a motasickle

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Coffin on a motasickle

Post by Prof » Thu Feb 16, 2006 10:12 pm

Dad died late last year and as he had ridden his bikes almost daily since he was sixteen we figured it would be good to send him off on his WLA outfit. We bought a basic coffin, painted it pretty sky blue then covered it with photographs depicting his life...

He owned almost every brand from Exelsiors and LE Velocettes to Ariel Square 4's, Vincents and Harleys. He always modified his bikes... high handle bars and lowered rear ends... so I guess I can blame him for my one-eyed love of choppers...

I figure he is now cruising Heaven's highways... with out having to be concerned about flat tyres, the effects of unleaded fuel or the attention of crazy car drivers... Oh hang on. Angels don't drive cars do they?!!

Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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