March 2021 Bike Night and swap meet

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March 2021 Bike Night and swap meet

Post by Prof » Sun Mar 07, 2021 8:42 pm

The weather was beautiful for riding, so all day I was looking forwards to jumping on my trusty shovel chopper and riding into the city to I think the fourth Adelaide Bike Night. The following day (today) was to be the Hot rodder's swap meet at Kilburn, so I decided that being unable to get away on some overnighters at present, camping at the Kilburn oval after the Bike Night would at least give me a chance to air the old sleeping gear!

So even before breakfast, I had grabbed some food from my stash, filled up a canteen and chucked on my sleeping bag and mattress; then to be tantalised by the prospect of the adventure for the rest of the day!...

Work over for the day and some washing hung out,and an early tea finished, at 6pm I fired up the shovel and charged out down the long driveway and into the unknown.

Riding conditions were perfect and I just enjoyed cruising along at the speed limit, enjoying the wind in my face, the hearty rumble of my V twin and the scenery sliding by. If that wasn't exciting enough, coming into the Darlington Exchange, I had the pleasure of spying the distinctive silhouette of a chopper up ahead. Suspected it might be henry on his chopped shovel and as I got closer, the tall padded sissy bar confirmed my suspicions.

Some quick acceleration and we were riding side by side, which we maintained despite thickening traffic until were turned onto Railway Terrace. Another two K's and we were swinging left into the carpark at Mile End and spying lines of bikes a few hundred metres in.

It's always cool to park with other choppers, so we cruised up and down the lanes of bikes. A couple of choppers parked by no space beside them so a double carpark nearby had to suffice.

A combination of swap meet and bike show attendances plus regular riding in the city and suburbs on business gets my distinctive chopper well known, so we'd not even dismounted before we were welcomed by other riders. One guy from Long Riders whose name once again eludes my muddled brain who comes to each of these events walked up and I got him to bring his black chopper to join with us...

Very few riders realised the comfort of the seating position on a classic chopper. My shovel has had scores of fellows and ladies try it for size. All are suprised and appreciative...

This purple new school chopper came to join us at our invitation; five choppers for all to see that night...

Not much else interested me. The owner of this Indian Scout loves the bike, but pointed out that the seat is for half hour rides only...

Something about white bikes and white walls...

Matt on his CB750 chop, ended up a bit late, due to some fun and games earlier in the day, blowing a fuse on the Freeway and having no spares...

The Bike NIght is organised by some folks on the pattern of a Melbourne event. Adelaide Bike Night is sponsored by an organisation and a bike shop. Thought I'd be able to blow up the photo and read the names, but no luck. As you can see, they are all youngsters and did not know about the glory days of the sixties and early seventies when without any organisation, large numbers of bikes rolled in and out of Rundle Street each Friday night. A few wannabe one percenters ruined it for the rest of us unfortunately...

Around 8pm a motorcycle copper cruised slowly in and rode past each row of bikes looking to left and right as he did so. You could almost hear the sucking in of anxious breaths while he did his rounds; and then slowly mosied off. I guess he was just letting us know he was about! So anxious was I for our choppers that I forgot to take a pic... what an oversight an not the last for the weekend!

Around nine o'clock, having done our rounds and talked to all and sundry, Henry, Matt and I decided to move out. Henry was heading home and Matt and I decided to do a little cruise through the city. I would accompany him to Glenn Osmond and then ride back to Kilburn for the night...

Someone said the Fringe was on, and consequently traffic in the city was thick. I suspect our two bikes spent more time idling at traffic lights than moving! Here, crawling up Hindley St...

Our plans to ride down lower Rundle Street were thwarted by 'Road Closed' signs and we ended up cutting back up through Norwood Parade, not without a U turn on a dark dead end street.

Saw Matt off close to Glenn Osmond. He enquired about a our next Midnight Ride and other chopper events... so a Midnight ride coming up shortly folks and then later, but while the weather is still nice, a chopper only overnighter out in the sticks.

I trundled back to Kilburn via Hamstead and Regency Roads at a very relaxed pace, just soaking in the beautiful weather and lovely mild air I was pushing through.

Gate was open to the Swap Meet at the Kilburn Oval. I found the organiser, and was told to sleep anywhere I chose. I figured undercover might be a good idea and....... it was a bad choice. Bright security lights stayed on all night making it hard for me to sleep. Added to this were plenty of insects attracted to the light and also to me... though none were of the biting kind... but how do you get a flying ant our from between your shoulder blades and your T shirt at 3 am? So a few restless hours were about all I got, finally waking for the last time at 6.15am to the sounds of vehicles entering and setting up their wares...

The swap meet was well attended as always, by both sellers and buyers. Being mostly a car meet, I rarely get much here, but today was different and well worth attending. Crowy had told me he was coming down early and would take anything home for me. This was good for me, as I didn't want the chopper two bulky for the Bike Night. The lady at the Rodders stand was very happy for me to leave my heavy purchases there which made life immeasurably easier.

My shopping almost done, Crowy and I carted everything to his car and he took off home. I finished up half an hour later and enjoyed an excellent ride home. Traffic was thick and as always, I had fun slipping between the rows of cars stopped at traffic lights.

A quick stop at Castle Plaza for a chocolate mild and custard pie, was not so quick because we had to wait fifteen minutes before it opened at 11am. But that was fine, A bloke similar age to me complemented me on the chopper and told me he used to ride a CB750 back in the day.

Sitting on the bike eating and drinking got me a few more compliments one of them from a lady with whose little child I had a waving contest.

The number plates on these two vehicles across from me caught my eye...

As I drove out of the carpark I noticed a faulty brake light on a little car in front of me. If convenient, I let any driver know if he has tail or brake light problems. If I can save someone a $500 fine, I think it is a worthwhile effort. I pulled up alongside him at the lights and motioned him to lower his window to let him know... which he was already doing to tell me what a great bike I was riding. We both went on our ways smiling. He wasn't much more than 20.

No issues tho my next stop, just great cruising on good roads. I pulled into Crowy's to help him install his panhead pushrods. Panheads generally have a longer push rod for the front exhaust valve and sometimes the rear exhaust valve has one a bet longer than the remaining inlet valves. Pushrods also have a fat ball and skinny ball. The fat seems to fit in the lifter better than the skinny one, but is actually meant to go to the top.
Some time on the internet to double check on these things and we got into it. Adjusted the Distributor and pushrods and did a compression test. He'' try starting it tomorrow once everything is put back together.

Then off home again. Peter K was waiting to have a look at his Sporty on which we have done headwork. Jason was on his way to bring up Garry's tank and fit it. Crowy rolled in with my swap meet parts and I have a call from a new impendiing CA member from Pt Lincoln... man was that a busy half hour of so... and I didn't take any photos. Silly me!

Well it was a good time away even if very tiring doing so much walking on minimal sleep... Woodside swap meet coming up next Sunday.
Chopit'nrideit... Prof

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Re: March 2021 Bike Night and swap meet

Post by El Skitzo » Mon Mar 08, 2021 6:11 pm

You have been busy! :shock:
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