Jan 2021 Midnight Ride...

Pics of yours or other interesting bikes taken out and about. Reports of Choppers Australia rides, with lots of photos and great stories. If you are not confident writing up a story, email Prof & get some help... choppers are all about riding, so let's hear your stories.
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Jan 2021 Midnight Ride...

Post by Prof » Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:08 pm

The weather was perfect for our first 2021 Midnight Ride.

I had arranged to pick up my workman, Luke on the way expecting a built in pillion photographer, so added a couple of psi into the rear tyre.

Arrive at Luke's and what? There's a red bike in the driveway.

He's just achieved his bike L's and at the urging of his wife picked up a Honda 125 to commute and get in plenty of riding practice. I asked why he didn't get a bigger bike. Answer was that he'd ridden plenty of 125 trail bikes and they had plenty of oomph and he was somewhat shocked when he'd handed over the bucks and begun to ride it home. This little road bike definitely don't got the get up and go of a trail bike!

Anyway, we took off interested to see what the little bike would do on the Expressway. On the flat 100 was ok, but it quickly slowed on any upward grade. So it was a little slower ride to Vilies than usual, but still nice to be riding alongside another two wheeler...

Arrived at Villies, Richmond with out incident 15 minutes late to find Jon and Matt waiting patiently. Matt was on his CB750 chopper and Jon who has sold his chopper (too noisy for the local neighbours at the early hours he takes off each morning) was on his late model HD...

Chatted for a while as a couple of others were expected, but they couldn't make it and texted their apologies. Semaphore was chosen as an initial destination because of the flatness of the terrain for the sake of Luke's little 125. Jon and Luke ahead of me...

Matt behind. In the seventies Pt Road was so smooth. Not anymore, which is a bit of a bummer!...

A couple more shots of Matt...

His home built sissy bar is very cool, with SOHC in big letters made of chain and a little steel chopper model at the base...

Part way down Pt Road I yelled out my interest in going via Pt Adelaide, which the others agreed on. I led them through to where One and All and Falie dock. Not sure if we are allowed to park on the warf, but we did anyway. As usual, the choppers got some admiring comments from a couple of the passers by. Docks used to all be open to the public and in the 70's we used to pull up alongside the freighters unloading and talk with the sailors. This part all quiet now and the docks further on are all barricaded. Another bummer!!.. Anyway we had a bit of a gander at the two masted vessels...

Luke asked a passer by to take a group photo...

Then it was off to Semaphore, Luke leading. He'd hoped we could drop in on a biker mate down there but the bloke didn't answer the call, so we parked near an IGA that was still open and three of us grabbed something to eat and drink. Strawberries go well with chocolate milk! When we'd U turned to find the IGA, we'd passed an interesting looking bike in front of a pub, so having decided Glenelg was our next port of call, we roared off, but I U turned again to have a look at the custom we'd seen earlier. Turned out to be an XV Yam done up in the rust bucket look...

A very merry time was had on the way to Glenelg first along The Esplanade then onto Military Rd. Getting close to Grange, I shot off to the right to chase up some more foreshore streets, but my decision was a bit premature. What followed should not be put on Facebook, streets having been made one way or into bicycle tracks!

However we finally found some genuine foreshore streets and continued on our way to Glenelg. Here there was a fair amount of traffic and activity for a Wednesday evening. As we pulled up in the main street, a cop car raced past lights flashing and siren blaring and swooped in behind a car that had just parked. Presumably the the cops had seen them elsewhere doing something unforgivable and were out to get them!
Final chat and goodbyes and we went our ways; Matt back to Anzac Highway and Jon, Luke and I south along Brighton Road. Matt's very cool sissy bar from behind...

Well down Brighton Road, I suddenly remembered I'd gone on reserve earlier in the day and with 50 miles reserve must be getting awfully low. Found an On the Run and filled up. Had very little left, but probably would have made it to the big servo at Hallet Cove. Having pushed my shovel a long distance to a servo a few times in the past, I was not interested in a repeat especially as I am now 15 years older than the last time!

Luke's little 125 surprised us by getting up cement hill at 60k or more. Then it was just Luke and I and finally just myself and my shovel rumbling along through the cool night. Home by 12.30am and with the shovel tucked away "until next time" a very relaxed and happy chopper jock headed inside ready for the real world in the morning.
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Re: Jan 2021 Midnight Ride...

Post by El Skitzo » Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:24 am

The 'Kidney Shaker' … LOVE it! :lol: 8)
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