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Pleasant Saturday Afternoon in SA, July 5th... as reported by Prof

A forecast of threatening heavy rain and wind plus a fisherman's wind-reading ability led to the postponement of our planned overnighter near Strathalbyn.  It looked like a day in the workshop instead.  But no, a few hours after notifying everyone of the event's no-go, I heard the welcome sound of loud motorcycle exhausts out the front of our place.  Minutes later two bikes pulled up by my workshop.

Brian and Greg had decided to go for a ride anyway and somehow ended up here!.  A few minutes later Peter rolled up on his son's sports bike with daughter on the back.  He wasn't about to be cheated out of a ride just because of threatening weather either.

At the sound of all these bikes, our son Paul came out and got enthused to get his 500/4 fired up... a bit difficult as I'd stolen his tank for a customer (he didn't like it anyway!).  So he found the original tank and after half an hour had rigged it up and hooked up the petrol lines.  Quite a few kicks later it started!  Well it hadn't been run for a while. Then Paul and Brian's lad disappeared on Brian's yammie chopper and the CB500, while the rest of us went inside for a cuppa.

Paul kicking the umpteenth kick... Detlin in foreground.

So what now?  Me, "Let's go for for a short cruise."  All agreed.  A quick call to Dave in Hackham confirmed he'd be in  on it too. Peter had to take off home, so that left Brian, his son Detlin, Greg and I to get our gear on and take off.  After picking up petrol at McLaren Vale we blasted off to Morphett Vale.  Dave had been called into work, so we figured we'd drop into Pete's and check out his "trike in progress"... and a beautiful job he's doing too.  Pete's lad James had just rolled in on home on his sports bike and joined in on the conversation.  He declined our invite to join us back on the road, so once again with roar of exhausts we headed off to... somewhere!

Pete, Detlin, Brian, Greg, Petes son, James...

Well... as it turned out, somewhere ended up being a twisty ride up through the hills behind Reynella, across to Cherry Gardens and into Stirling. Great little run, real twisty roads, nice scenery and a few sheer drops with no roadside fencing.  Brian just sat 10 yards behind me the whole way... says he could judge what was coming next by the changes in my exhaust note.

After a twenty minute rest and  toilet stop we took of once again this time onto the Freeway back into Adelaide, with me powering off on the Blackwood turnoff with much arm waving on everyone's part.  Now for a pleasant and  uneventful ride home... well not so...

A couple of hundred yards past the turnoff, I idled by an unmarked car with its flashing lights on behind some poor coot pulled to the side of the road; No sweat thinks I.

A hundred yards further on a patrol car flashes past... hmmm cops are thick.  

Three miles up the road I see flashing lights in my mirror way back.  A car pulls over.  Another poor coot.  What were they doing wrong?   Uhoh! He's passed and is behind me.  I pull over to let him pass.  NO luck .  He pulls over and hits me with his loud speaker. "Pull over in a drive way!"  I turn left into the next street.

"You are operating a radar detecting device which is illegal.  I need to search you and your vehicle."  What? A radar device?

A lengthy conversation continues between one incredulous rider and one incredulous cop.  I am informed I have set the anti-radar detection detection devices off in both cop cars.  I turn out my pockets, camera pouch and  the pocket knife "you should not be wearing" and he goes through the bags on front and rear of my shovel.  I am informed that most guys try to "b@ll^t their way through, but I am obviously genuine... but the poor bloke is still walking around my chopper trying to work it out.  He then admits I am the second bike that has set off their devices, without having the naughty thing!  Still he decides to put his car in front of me (see pic) and gets me to start the bike just in case... but to no avail.

He apologises, wishes me a pleasant trip and leaves.  He does let me take a pic though to prove it all.

After picking up petrol in Blackwood I do enjoy my remaining miles.  The shovel is running beautifully and I just love swinging through the curves, opening up the throttle at any opportunity just to feel her 'bite'.

I decide at the last moment to drop in on another club member, Henry as I pass through Reynella.  His chopped Virago is out of regio at the moment, but as soon as winter is over, he'll be back on the road... at least his bike stays shinier than mine!

I finally roll onto our drive way and power the shovel into its shed.  Another terrific day.  Could have ridden for another few hundred miles though.  Well better be satisfied.  One does have to be home sometimes and at least try to  pay the bills...


Bundy biker in SA... as reported by Prof

Pete, is from Bundaberg in Queensland.  He grew up in Osborne, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia and brought his lads down for a week to show them his old stamping grounds. 

The SA Choppers Australia blokes decided to give him a royal welcome and a number of us were able to get together with him last Thursday evening.  Greg who lives with in fifteen minutes of where Pete was staying offered his bachelor pad as our venue.

Pete picked up Brian who was close by, Tim and I (Prof) came down on my trusty shovel.  Ken rocked up on four wheels, as his DOHC Honda chopper is still a project in progress.  He assured us (and I reckon he's shooting straight) he would have been down on his bike despite the cold if he could have!

We all arrived around 6pm and after introductions,  it didn't us long (being true bikers) to get out to Greg's shed to see what he was up to.

Greg, Pete and Brian and Greg's  'spare' CB750...

Meanwhile, Ken and Tim were discussing Greg's run around bike (his CB750 is still a project)

What you can have in your lounge if you are a bachelor (Polished CB 750 parts)...

About all that is left of Greg's first CB750 chopper... genuine 70's airbrushing...

Pizza, chopper mags and great conversation (Tim, Pete, Greg &Ken)...

Time to take off.  Brian, Pete, Greg, Tim and Ken with Shovel and some decorative sword blanks tied to sissy bar courtesy of Ken...

Discussion between various parties was pretty well continuous and invigorating.  We were even treated to a presentation from Ken on casting of small objects such as tank badges etc... in fact we all come away feeling we had not only had a great time and made some new friendships, but also learnt much from each other as well.

The guys decided that the night was just so good that it had to be repeated, so the SA boys are planning another night soon.

(If you want to catch up with other CA guys on a weeknight every few months call Tim on 0413 347 745)

Finally time to go, so I got a group photo in the lights of Ken's car and Tim and I took off.

The ride home was even better than coming, as we were still on a bit of a high from the terrific camaraderie of the evening.  The shovel motor truly sang along in tune with our buoyant mood, getting plenty of opportunities to zoom past traffic... and blast up cement Hill passing every thing in sight!

Great experience.  Great friends.  Great night... and it won't be the last by a long shot!


June Cape Jervois Run... as reported by Prof

Saturday came around with promises of showers, but turned out fine though a bit chilly in places.  Most of the CA folks had other things on; being a long weekend, and a couple of blokes had the flu, so it was a small contingent that showed the chopper flag down south.

Brian had an early and very cold start rolling into our yard at 10am.  He reckoned the wiring problems encountered last run had been sorted out, but we found out later in the day that his alternator is not charging, so there is still work to be done.

 I could hear the distinct XS yammie sound as he came up over the hump bridge just down from our place.  A nice hot coffee was just the thing as we waited for Kevin to show. Just before he arrived, we went up to the workshop, so Brian could check out progress on Kevin's triumph chopper project... he reckons it's looking good.

A phone call from Paul who was meeting us down the coast came just as we were leaving.  He'd rushed into Adelaide to look at a car for a mate and had actually passed Brian along Marion Road.  He was now back home and working out where to meet us.

The three of us cruised in formation through Sellicks (major renovations at the pub).  Travelling at 95 k's saved us having to pass cars and allowed time to enjoy the scenery.  Before Myponga, we turned right up over the high ridge to the Reservoir, providing magnificent views over the gulf and back along the coast towards Adelaide. Weather was very overcast, but still great riding. the reservoir was a good place to stop and take a few pics.  Waiting for the other two I spent a couple of minutes threading the shovel between large rocks placed to stop cars going into the pedestrian area... any opportunity for a bit of slow speed manoeuvring practice...

Cruising through Normanville, my attention was grabbed by a very loud whistle.  Paul was filling up his Jap cruiser at the servo. A few minutes later with Paul in the lead, we four cruised off down towards Cape Jervois.  Great road and nice sitting behind Paul's very load pipes.  When I commented on his spectacular exhaust note (a really sharp crackle) he immediately and forcefully responded with "Loud pipes save lives".  Agree with you there mate!

The Kangaroo Island ferry was berthed when we arrived (see pic below) and patches of rain could be seen across Backstairs Passage. Our chatting about our bikes and other chopper related matters (Paul's CB750 chopper is almost done) was interrupted by a noisy bloke in a four wheel drive.  A mate of Paul's, he was easily persuaded to go and get his evo and meet us at the deli while we ate lunch.

A can of baked beans (for me... don't laugh) and a couple of hamburgers (for the others) later and we were joined by Paul's mate on his "Loud pipes..." evo and there followed a debate between the two about who's bike was loudest and a conversation notable for its lack of logic about the relative merits and faults of Harleys and Jappos!  That bit of good natured fun over, Paul once again took the lead and we charged up the hill out of Cape Jervois, turned right at Delamere and rode along another ridge with views and chilly temperature.  Brian had been doing a bit of videoing of the bikes when we were stopped, so when we slowed down for a left turn off, I pulled Paul up and got Brian to get his camera out while we went back up the road and gave him some moving action to get down on video.

Back on track again, we got a whole lot of waves from a family group sitting out in a paddock by a massive pile of logs... a bonfire about to happen.  Gee it would have been nice to drop in! Fifteen minutes of more enjoyable riding brought us into Yankalilla via the Victor Harbor road... a bit rough , but great stuff.

We parted company with Paul and his mate and one again the three of us (myself, Brian and Kevin) got into formation and headed back the way we had come.  Roaring down into Sellicks, we turned off to visit another CA member, but he was not home. Kevin parted company  just out of Aldinga leaving Brian and I to head back to Willunga.  A discussion about his electrics resulted in testing his battery and finding out his alternator was not charging.  Drat.  More work for the poor guy. 

Fortified with another coffee, Brian took off in time to get home before dark and I mused on what an enjoyable run it had been.  The smaller numbers reminded me of times past and the many impromptu rides we'd do, rarely knowing where we'd end up.  Fellowship was great.  All in all a really beaut time... but then what else could it be when you're cruising around  with your mates on choppers!!


May Run to Mannum... as reported by Prof

Expectations of a record crowd of choppers weren't realized as a number dropped out due to bike problems, sickness, family commitments and bosses making the guys work too hard!

Steve, Kevin and I took off from Willunga 15 minutes late having waited in vain for a member who'd forgotten (much to his annoyance) and was on his bike 100 miles away. In fact, Kevin had rung his wife to see if he'd left for the run and she said yes.  Then when he should have arrived, I called him on his mobile assuming he'd had trouble and then found out he was a long way away!

Weather was perfect as we rolled into Meadows after a speedy ride up through he Kangarilla curves.  Here we met Rod on his trike and proceeded through Echunga where we picked up Rod's friends, Jeff and Sue on their very tidy Deuce.  Jeff was going to come in his Hot Rod, but had condenser trouble.  Nothing cooler than a line of choppers and Hot Rods I reckon.   John was waiting for us in Hahndorf on his Honda chopper, having been doubtful if he'd make it due to electrical problems.  However, his bike behaved for the rest of the run.

We were greeted by an enthusiastic bunch waiting for us in the Birdwood main street.  We were early and while we waited, Rod tightened up a headlight that was keen to dangle.  I  provided some helpful tools and lock-tight for the job out of my little bag of tricks and we thundered off to Palmer.  With us were a couple more of Rod's mates, Doc and his wife Karen on a Harley and Wayne on his Honda Shadow. Also waiting were Brian on his xs 650 chop with his son Deklin as pillion and Dave on his cx500 (being chopped).  Jethro rolled in shortly after us on his recently repainted chopped CB750. Our ride through to Palmer was marred by a couple of slow moving vehicles in front, but it was no use passing as only some of us would have gotten through.  Kevin pulled up alongside me just out of Palmer to announce Brian was having problems, so we waited in the main street until they rolled up.

Seems Brian was blowing fuses and they got into Palmer on a paper clip!  We took of again for Mannum.  This country is great riding especially if you were brought up on 1950's Westerns and love all the rocky terrain like I do!  Jethro, sadly, had to leave us as he had a family get together...

Mannum was packed, but the Pretoria Hotel had cordoned off a parking area for us right in view of the windows where we were to eat. As usual the choppers and trike as well as the couple of gleaming Harleys and 650 cruiser got lots of attention from passers by.  The meal was great and a lot of fun as we all sat at a long table reserved for us. 

Afterwards on the lawns we spent a bit of time discussing the proposed newsletter name ('Chops 'n bobbers') and future 2008 runs.  There was a lot of enthusiasm for an over nighter which Rod will organize.  We were interrupted by a strange contraption coming up out of the river and driving onto dry land (well our lawn anyway).  It looked like an over grown inflatable dingy but had three hydraulically driven low pressure tyres... most impressive.  We suggested the owner extend the front end, but he didn't come at it!  Brian thought he found the cause of his fuse blowing woes... a hot bolt melting a wire due to Deklin's weight.  Dave took off straight after lunch as he had a work shift to get back to.

Leaving Mannum at around 3pm, we turned left down towards Murray Bridge.  Our intention was to cut through on the really nice road through to Monarto, but the leader (won't say who the trike rider was) missed it so Murray Bridge it was.  It is a great piece of road anyway and some of us enjoyed riding two by two.

 John, Rod Jeff and Doc and co turned off at Callington leaving myself, Brian and Deklin and Steve and Kevin to head up the Freeway into Adelaide.  Some miles before Stirling, a glance in my mirror showed Brian and Steve missing.  I waited for a break in the traffic and hot footed it across the median strip and accelerated back the way we had come.  We saw the bikes on the side strip a couple of miles back and once again crossed the median strip and once again dodged speeding tintops to get over to them.  The battery was dead, so what to do now?

I sent Steve with Deklin ahead to find Kevin and proceeded to tow Brian into Stirling.  I have a tow rope tucked away under my seat for just such occasions.  If you've not towed someone before, a couple of comments as things can get painful if you don't know what you are doing.  Tie the rope to the lowest part of the towing bike... DON'T tie the rope to the towed bike, but run it around the centre of the handle bars once and then the rider holds it.  This way the rider can let the rope go if trouble looms!  The towed rider is responsible for keeping the rope taut at all times by using his brake when necessary.  The jerk of a slack rope suddenly tightening can pull both riders off their bikes...  Any way Brian and I made the three or four miles quite comfortably  at 20kph... we even cruised past a copper sitting in his car and went through a round about and some traffic lights with out any drama.

One guy in a car followed us for the last few hundred yards and pulled up when we did.  He was really intrigued.

We left the xs650 at a garage and now headed for Brian's place at Largs Bay on the other side of the city.  The footy crowds were spewing out of side roads and blocking traffic in a couple of places, so the trip took longer than expected.  I shut the shovel off a couple of times the waits were so long.  One set of lights on Port Road facing us stayed red, so finally the cars ahead of us just forged through and we followed.

It was dark and cold by the time we got to Brian's but a cuppa warmed us up.  Brian's young daughter was very keen to hear the whole story and was quick to accept a short ride on the shovel.  The whole family came out to see her off and return and it was captured on video as well.

Kevin and I took off for home leaving Brian and Deklin to collect the xs.  Steve had gone home when we took off from Stirling as he wasn't sure how well his alternator was charging.  We had a good ride home.  Roaring up Cement Hill past all the other traffic is always a blast and the two shovels definitely sounded the Bees Knees as we went up together.

Talking the the intrigued fellow just in the pic on the right... note rope...

I gave Brian a call when I arrived home and he'd just gotten back with his bike... so all was well.  Once again a great run with some adventure along the way... just what older bikes and home builds are all about.


 April Victor Run... as reported by Stoand

April’s SA club ride to Victor Harbor promised good riding weather and it didn’t disappoint. a bit of a chill early in the morning for us early birds saw Brian on his 650 Yam make the hour's ride through traffic from Taperoo to meet up with me at the Victor Harbor turn off.  From there we made our way to Andrew’s at Willunga.

After a welcome cuppa provided by the ever hospitable Rilda, we went for a bit of a trundle through the back roads to get a bit more footage for the TV Channel C31 video. Dru on his 650 Yam, Brian, Andrew on his Shovel and myself on the Trumpy did some “formation” riding through the Willunga vineyards while Andrew's son Paul piloted the “chase” car with cameraman Robin poking through the sunroof.

Two hours later!! we returned to Andrew and Rilda’s to meet up with the others, Jerry on his Honda 4, Steve on his Kawaski stocker and Rod with his trike. A bit of fettling was done before we left and, suffice to say, it’s the only time I’ve been with a bunch of bikes and the Harley seemed to be the only one not needing a tickle!!  Brian’s Yam had lost a bolt from the front brake master cylinder and also unfortunately cracked its rear guard bracket, so we found a bolt and wired up the guard for the rest of the journey.  Rod's Trike had also split its fuel lines... sorted out by Dru and Rod with some new hose from Andrew.

We took off from Andrews about 11.45, Andrew 2 up with Paul and Dru 2 up with chopper chick Kaiya, and made our way up Willunga hill which is a nice curvy climb out of town.  Up near the top we waved to Robin who had found a vantage point to get yet MORE footage, as we wound our way up the hill.

With Dru in the lead, we headed through Kuipto Forest to Meadows where I once again thanked the gods for my ChoppaShox!  At Meadows we stopped at the servo where a couple of us filled up and Steve’s brother Kevin on his Shovelhead joined us for the ride.

After the obligatory photo’s taken by Andrew, we continued on towards Victor traveling along the Meadows to Goolwa road with its excellent scenery and fantastic (read “smooth”!!) winding road.

Just under halfway to Goolwa we pulled in to the Green Inn at Ashbourne, maybe at Kaiya’s insistence due to a numbum?!!, where a distinctly Indian looking Kawasaki Vulcan was parked out front.  As the guys checked out the bike, Andrew chatted to the owner who had some interesting details on it.  Unfortunately I didn’t catch what they were  as.. ahem.. I was grabbing a medicinal beer with Rod at the time.

Back on the road, we made our way to the coast and turned towards Victor Harbor, idling through Goolwa, Middleton and Port Elliot (gee’s 50k’s is slow!).  Riding through Victor we saw a familiar figure traveling the opposite way and realized Henry, on his Virago, had found us.  After noticing the ride on the website, he hoped to meet us along the way.  Seems he had just missed us all along the route and was heading home when fate intervened... well done mate! We arrived at Rod’s place about 2.00, and parked out the back in his “Ponderosa” backyard and spent a bit of time chatting and videoing while Rod’s wife Julie prepared the BBQ.

We went inside to watch some video of Andrews Tassie trip, it was great to see some choppers from interstate and watch their owners obviously having fun with them (definitely have to find a pub HERE that’ll let us rip through the carpark!)

While we were relaxing inside, Rod and Julie were cooking for us, and what a spread it was!  Many thanks again for looking after us so well, Rob and Julie.  Due to Kaiya’s insensitivity (only joking!), I had to get my own drink and food, and ate every bit, the meatballs were worth every second of preparation, Julie!

A very enjoyable time was had out the back of Rod’s just sitting, relaxing and chatting. After a discussion on future rides, etc we fired up for the trip home.  Dru was heading back to Strath, so Kaiya got on the back with Steve and we headed off, stopping at the Shell to ensure the tiny tanks didn’t run dry.

With me in the lead (working speedo!), a few K’s out of Victor I noticed a women up ahead in the middle of the road waving her arms frantically. As I throttled down my immediate thought was “Oh no, car accident” and tried to remember what I learnt at a first aid course many years ago.  Coming up closer I was relieved to see a dog in the middle of the road and after first thinking,  "I’ll try to get it off."  my thought of self preservation was stronger and I moved off to prevent any rear end shunts.

The others made it safely through too, so all was well.

Brian pulled in to Andrew's place to make a more permanent repair to his rear guard.  Last I heard Andrew was very excited as Brian had also agreed to a sissy bar!! so they were in for a long night I reckon!

The rest of us peeled off to our respective homes and I think all would agree it was a great day in perfect weather with great company.

Thanks folks, till next time, Dave.


January 27th... 3rd SA Chopper Muster... as reported by Prof

Once again this year, despite careful organisation and preparation, we still experienced the uncertainties of riding modified older machines!  John had burnt the midnight oil this year to have his 750 DOHC plunger framed chopper ready for the muster and got it finished with only days to spare (see previous story). 

He and Dru were riding together from Strathalbyn to meet us at Willunga, the southern kick-off point for this year's muster.  However just 15 minutes away, he discovered his rear sprocket had dis-attached itself from the hub and it and the chain were flopping around on the rear axle spacer!... not a good start.  Dru rolled in to report, so out with the car and trailer of off to rescue John.

It was definitely fixable, so while I supplied tools and Rilda started ringing the next lot to tell them we would be late, Dru, Rod and John got stuck into things, with the ladies all cheering them on.

Robin, our videographer for the day, made sure the repair process was captured on film...

An hour later, we finally took off; three choppers (myself and Rilda on our trusty shovel, John on his Honda and Dru on his XS650), three trikes (one being the video trike) and one sports car...

We rolled up to the BP at Morphett Vale to some relieved faces...While waiting, they had been receiving considerable interest, so as soon as a couple of folks had filled up (but small tanks do look good!) and  a small job was done on John's chain tensioner, our group now almost doubled in size headed off.

Now added to our number were three more choppers; (Dave on his springer Trumpy, Henry on his Virago and Crowie on his rigid shovel) plus Kevin and Geoff on Kevin's shovel... all videoed by Robin as we went out the driveway...

Traffic was thick as we cruised across the Eastern side of Adelaide (all two lane) to meet the final bunch at Tea Tree Gully.  A couple of them were getting very itchy throttle fingers, but agreed that we couldn't have left our mate behind.  As most of them hadn't met before they had made good use of their time together...

I had arranged our meeting with the folks at the rendezvous servo and ensured there were toilets available... but they just happened to be out of action much to the discomfiture of a couple of the guys... not decent bushes available either!

Next door was a tyre fitting place which provided much appreciated shade for the the northern contingent who had had to wait for so long.

Mal and Steve were on their chopped 750/4's and Brian and his lad came on his XS650 chopper. Grim and his partner had cruised down from Gladstone on their Evo custom the night before and brought along a couple  friends on their Harleys.  Glen rode down from Clare on his custom cx500 to join in with Dave who was on his partly chopped cx. Unfortunately Jim from out Steve's way couldn't make it this year as it was not a weekend.  Sorry to miss you Jim.

Next stop was Gumeracha, but I had arranged for some specific filming to be done so it was a case of "gather around folks" for instructions.  Choppers were counted off as they left the car park and got captured on film. 

We pulled up a mile up the road and waited for the film trike to go past and then enjoyed a very pleasant cruise through the curving hills road.  Winding around the edge of the reservoir was a particular treat.

All the bikes pulled up in Gumeracha main street while the movie trike went on to catch us coming into the Rocking Horse, our next stop for bottom rest and bladder relief!!!!

Here we did a quick repair job to Henry's handlebars which had a cracked weld.  Moving the bars to the right put the crack in the clamp and that with some twisted wire to reinforce them, got him the rest of the way. 


A final short stint got all our hungry stomach's to Birdwood.  Choppers, bikes and trikes made a grand scene and lots of lovely noise as we pulled up onto the National Motor Museum's forecourt.


All the choppers, were parked in a line across the front of the building with the trikes off to one side and the unchopped bikes on the other.

While everyone raced off to grab their lunch, Tim our 'incorruptible' judge having given up soliciting bribes set about judging the choppers.


Lunch was a rush due to our lateness, But trophies were given out with an explanation by Tim about the reasons for his choices... which all agreed were spot on. 

Trophies were awarded as follows... Best overall... Dave's rigid Trumpy, Tanks & tinware... Dru's xs 650, Controls... Grim's Evo custom, Moulding... Brian's xs 650, Paint... John's DOHC Honda, Frame... Crowie's rigid Shovel.

Grim received a certificate for the longest distance ridden (over 250km) and once again we thanked National Motor Museum for their hospitality. 



We raffled two 'Silly Helmet Covers' donated by www.SillyHelmetCovers.com in Britain. Dru and Geoff were the proud winners and proudly wore them home. 

After this, we fired up our choppers and did a run up the street including a nice piece of video just out of town. Folks then went in various directions (a number had to get home early) and Robin managed to interview a number of the remaining chopper owners.

Everyone I contacted after the event, reported a great ride home and all thought the day was excellent.

As a result of later discussion with members who were present, we have booked the same venue  for the next couple of years).

A number of those who attended the Muster felt we needed to eat together both to support the National Motor Museum, to help  everyone  mingle better and to make the lunch a more efficient exercise. So we have booked NMM's cooking facilities for the next few years as well.

Thanks to all who participated.  Look forward to seeing you all again plus many others next year...



Saturday January 19th... a couple of visitors...

I got a call from John who lives about an hour south, "I've got my Honda finished.  Thought I might bring it up".  As Dave from about 20 minutes north had just put his Trumpy back together after a few mods and was also coming over, what could be better.  So two choppers rolled up an hour later from different directions joined soon after by Kevin on his shovel just out for a ride...

So after the usual chopper talk, we got our the camera for a few action pics...

Then John headed off home to complete his chopper's maiden voyage, Dave went home to sort out some of those things we seem to get saddled with when we are no longer 20 and fancy free, and Kevin took off for a ride further south.  I would have tagged along with John for a while, but another visitor arrived wanting some forward controls measured up.

But that's what choppers are all about... building them, changing them and riding them... all done this day...